The Best Ice Machines in Canada in 2022

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if you’re an ice-a-holic like myself, having an ice maker at home can be very convenient, especially on those scortching hot summer days! There is nothing more unsatisfying than a cold drink without ice. Let alone an ice coffee without actual ice in it. Having an ice machine at home will help ensure that you always have a good supply of high quality ice on hand.

Unfortunately, without an ice maker there is no magic trick to whip up a batch of ice in under 10 minutes. With your standard plastic ice tray in a typical -18 degree fridge, ice cubes can take up to 4 hours to completely freeze. That’s 4 hours of time that could have been spent sipping on an icy cold drink. An ice machine can get the job done better in a small fraction of the time. 

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of ice machines and how to choose the right one for your needs and preferences.

The 4 Best Home Ice Machines in Canada in 2022

Here is our selection of the best ice machines for your home that are available in Canada this year.

Frigidaire EFIC123-SS Counter Top Maker

If you’re looking for an affordable ice maker, Frigidaire’s portable ice maker is an excellent choice. The machine can produce up to 26 pounds of bullet-shaped ice cubes per day and only take 6 minutes to produce your ice cubes.

Since it’s a small ice machine, making large batches of ice is not recommended unless you can quickly transfer the ice to a freezer.

Asides from its affordable price, the main advantages of this ice cream machine is its compact size. Measuring 22 by 31 cm, the EFIC123-SS won’t take up too much space on your counter. Another advantage of this ice maker is that it can also produce two sizes of ball-shaped ice cubes. It is also a very quiet machine.

NewAir AI-100SS Portable Ice Maker

The NewAir AI-100SS Ice Maker is stainless steel and produces up to 28 pounds of ice per day. With its compact design, the AI-100SS is perfect for use in small spaces like offices, small countertops, boats or RVs. It also produces three sizes of bullet-shaped ice cubes: small, medium and large. 

While it can hold up to 2.2 pounds of ice at a time, it does not freeze the ice in the ice bucket. This means any leftover ice in the bucket will melt and be recycled for the next batch. This is true for many ice machines on the market so be wary.

With an ice making efficiency of 28 pounds of ice per day, it’s slightly more efficient than similarly priced ice machines on the market. If aesthetics are important to you, it’s also one of few ice makers that is available in a variety of colors, including red, orange, silver and black.

Dreamiracle Portable Ice Maker

Producing 33 pounds of ice per day, the Dreamiracle Ice Maker is a powerful and highly efficient ice maker. It can produce a whopping 33 pounds of ice per day. It also comes with a higher ice and water storage capacity, storing up to 3.3 pounds of ice and 2.8L of water. This means you won’t have to fill your fridge with ice, unless you’re stocking up for a party of course. You also won’t have to refill the water reservoir as often.

For those seeking more variety in terms of ice cube sizes, the Dreamiracle ice machine lets you choose between two sizes of bullet-shaped ice cubes: 0.8 inches and 1 inch. 

A perk for the curious folk out there is that you can peek in the window to watch the ice cubes being made. Also, its user-friendly LED indicator lights will tell you when the water tank needs to be refilled or when the ice container is full. 

With its high efficiency, and higher water and ice storage capacity, we recommend this ice machine for big families or offices with higher ice cube turnover. But if 28 pounds of ice per day isn’t enough for your needs, keep reading.

NewAir AI-215R Portable Ice Maker

The AI-215 is another highly efficient stainless steel ice machine by NewAir. The AI-215 is one of the most efficient home ice makers on the market, producing a whopping 50 pounds of ice per day. It can produce a batch of ice in as little as 7 minutes! With three sizes of bullet-shaped ice cubes to choose from, it’s a great machine if you’re in need of a variety of ice cube sizes. 

This is the best home ice maker in terms of efficiency and affordability. With 50 pounds of ice per day and three different cube sizes to choose from, this ice maker is perfect for parties and events where quick ice-making is necessary. 

Another benefit of this ice maker is that it will keep your ice frozen for a couple of hours, which means you can let the machine work its magic without too much manual work required. A downside is that the machine is a bit on the noisy side.

What are the benefits of using an ice machine?

Make ice quickly

You don’t have to start prepping your ice a week before your event, filling plastic bags and tupperwares only to run out of space in the fridge. Most ice machines on the market will produce about 6-9 ice cubes in less than 10 minutes. Over the span of 24 hours, you can end up with up to 35 pounds of ice.

Have access to high-quality ice

Standard plastic tray ice cubes tend to melt quicker which can end up diluting your beverages. These typical homemade ice cubes also have a bad reputation for  absorbing odors from the freezer, especially if the tray sits for more than a couple of days. Most ice makers will make bullet shaped ice. These cubes are the most common in bars and restaurants due to their versatility and ability to quickly chill a beverage. They also melt more evenly than the standard ice cube.

Make ice without a mess

We’ve all been there: you press the ice button on a fridge, hoping for 1 or 2 cubes but end up with a full cup and floor full of ice cubes. Ice cube trays are not much better. It’s never that easy to remove one cube without twisting out 3 and cracking the plastic tray while you’re at it. Ice cube machines conveniently store your ice and normally will come with a scoop to help retrieve a few cubes without creating a slip ‘n slide on your kitchen floor.

Most are portable

Most home ice maker machines are portable which make them convenient for backyards, sporting events, camping or even road trips. Unlike built-in fridge ice makers, they don’t have to be hooked up to a water supply.

What to look for in an ice machine?

There are several factors to consider when shopping for a home ice machine. Here are a few key criteria:

Capacity of the machine

Depending on your ice cube needs, this may or may not be important. While most ice cube machines on the market can produce anywhere from 26 to 35 pounds of ice per day, they certainly cannot store all of this ice. If you need a machine that can store a good amount of ice, look at the capacity of the ice container. Most ice makers will store between 2 and 3 pounds of ice at a time.

Efficiency of the machine

How many ice cubes can be produced per X amount of minutes. Typically you’ll see anywhere from 6 to 10 ice cubes per 10-15 minutes. THis may also be described in terms of pounds of cubes per 24 hours. No machine will produce ice continuously for 24 hours so keep in mind that you will have to empty the ice cube bucket and store this ice elsewhere throughout the day. If you’re looking for a highly efficient machine, this is where looking at reviews is a good idea.

Noise level of the machine

Depending on how frequently you plan on making ice, you may or may not want a noisy machine sitting on your counter. Some machines will beep while others rely on LED light signals instead. In general, higher watt machines tend to be louder but the quality of the machine really makes the most difference.

Shapes and sizes of the ice

There are many different shapes of ice cubes that can be produced. Some shapes float better than others, while other shapes melt less quickly than others. If you’re okay with bullet-shaped ice produced by most portable ice makers, you’ll be just fine. But if you want more options, some machines will offer a variety of shapes and sizes.

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