The Best Deep Fryer in Canada

What’s a kitchen without kitchen appliances, right? Even our daily life has become incomplete without kitchen appliances. They make life much easier and productive as far as kitchen needs are concerned. Back in the day, those types of appliances were available, but today, we can find them in any store and most are technologically advanced. Whether it’s the refrigerator, cooker, food processor, mixer, microwave, or fryer, every appliance has taken an important place in our kitchen.

Every appliance has specific functionality and caters to our food processing needs in various forms. In this article, we will talk about an appliance that has found an important place in our kitchen in recent years : the deep fryer. We will also talk about what a deep fryer is, the different types of deep fryers, its use, and much more.

So, want to eat something crunchy and delicious? Let’s begin.

What is a deep fryer ?

A deep fryer or deep fat fryer or flash fryer is a kitchen appliance that is used to deep-fry various food types. The frying is done with the help of oil which is put in the fryer and heated up to the required temperature. The food is then completely immersed in the hot oil and is fried.

The outcome of deep-frying is generally a crunchy golden-brown texture, though this may not be the case every time based on the requirement. The deep fryer has features to help fry different foods at different temperatures and for a defined amount of time.

Why should you use a deep fryer?

1- Deep fryers are excellent for frying food. They are better than frying the food in an open utensil on a stove. The deep fryers are useful for deep-frying which is not as easy with other frying methods.

2- Deep fryers can be used for frying any kind of meat, kebabs, cutlets, patty, and more. The deep-frying ensures that the food is fried completely and in an even manner. With deep fryers, you can also control the temperature and time, which can be crucial for different food types.

3- Most deep fryers also maintain the quality of the oil which means you can re-use it if needed. They also maintain the quality of food and keeps balanced moisture levels.

The best deep fryer for your home in Canada in 2022

Now that you probably understand more how deep fryers work, let’s look at some of the best deep fryers available in Canada. Based on the provided information, you should be able to find the right deep fryer for your frying needs.

The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach is a popular brand in the kitchen appliances sector. A good option in the deep fryer series is the one with 2 frying baskets and 4.5 liters capacity. This model features a stainless steel body and 1800-Watt heating element for fast heating and cooking.

Measuring 14.5 x 13.2 x 10.5 inches, this deep fryer has 12 cups of food capacity or 4.5 liters tank. It comes with two frying baskets that are chrome plated. Hooks were added to keep the baskets intact while frying. It also comes with a sturdy lid for restricted frying, which ensures minimal or no splatter and an adjustable timer.

The power and cook-ready light display will let you know when your food is ready. The temperature control with an adjustable dial will let you chose the perfect temperature between 265 degrees F to 375 degrees F. Finally, the heating element, oil tank, lid, and baskets are all removable and thus are easy to clean.

  • Two frying baskets sturdy because of chrome plating
  • Study lid with window to peek through and monitor the frying
  • The fryer is easy to set up and takes very little time to heat the oil
  • Easy to clean
  • The breakaway cord is short
  • Price is a bit on the higher side

Chefman Deep Fryer 4.5 Liters

Chefman is another popular name in the kitchen appliance industry. This stainless steel deep fryer with basket strainer has a 4.5 liters tank. The 1700-Watt heating element will heat up really fast and make sure your food is evenly cooked. 

This deep fryer comes with a single study basket, but don’t worry, it’s pretty big, and it comes with a lid for restricted frying. The temperature control will let you chose the best temperature for your needs. The timer will help you make sure you don’t over fry your food. This product comes with an air filter that takes care of any bad odor of fried food. 

The fryer is easy to set up and the oil gets heated up quickly. It’s definitely one of the best deep fryers for home use.

  • The lid ensures no or minimal splatter and comes with a viewing window
  • The basket is removable, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe
  • It has a good drainage system
  • There is only one basket, so you can fry only one type of food at one time
  • The timer needs to be set throughout the use
  • 1700 W heating element not as powerful compared to other models

De’Longhi’s Dual Zone digital Deep Fryer

De’Longhi is an Italian small appliance manufacturer. The company was founded more than 100 years back and has made a mark in the kitchen appliance sector and this digital deep fryer is not exception.

This deep fryer has 4.5 liters capacity and a 1800-Watt heating element that will let you reach 350 degrees F in less than 15 minutes. Its body is made of stainless steel and this model comes with a single but big and study basket. The temperature control and adjustable timer with help you fry your food with perfection.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you use this deep fryer for 1 hour, you’ll need to wait 2 hours before using it again.

  • The fryer is quick to set up
  • It has a good drainage option
  • A small filter removes most of the residue
  • Single display makes it hard to alternate between timer and temperature setup
  • Steam vent and control panel are tough to handle due to heat
  • Heating element can be hard to clean

T-Fal Odorless Deep Fryer

T-Fal is popular in the U.S. and Canada for home appliances like grills, fryers, bread makers, pressure cookers, and more. This odorless deep fryer has a 3.5 liters capacity and, like many others from our list, a 1800-Watt heating element. Also featuring a single basket, this deep fryer has a lid with anti-fog viewing window. You will find separate adjustable temperature and timer knobs for better control on frying.

It also comes with an aluminum filter and a charcoal filter cover. As for the ease of cleaning, the oil tank, lid, filters, and basket can be easily removed. This will help you clean the appliance faster. It also reduces up to 74% of smoke and odor, so if you don’t like the smell of frying food, this might be the perfect option for you.

  • Easy to clean
  • It has a good drainage option
  • It helps prevent greased odor and smoke
  • The heat is not maintained for a long time
  • The electric cord is short
  • The fryer is of smaller capacity than other fryers in the same category

Presto Electric Deep Fryer

This is probably the best electric mini deep fryer on the market. This electric deep fryer has a 4 cups capacity and a 1200-Watt heating element and is a little smaller than the other deep fryers.

It’s a very nice option if you don’t plan on frying a lot of food. You will be able to store it easily and the price is also way cheaper than the other options of this list. Even though it’s cheaper and small, you will love how powerful this small electric deep fryer is. Oh and if you’re not convinced, just read the 14 000 reviews, and we’re sure you’ll be easily convinced. 

The main downside is that there is no adjustable timer or temperature setting. But for the price, you have to make some sacrifices.

  • Cleaning of the deep fryer is easy
  • Fryer maintains the perfect temperature for frying
  • Though small, the deep fryer can fry any type of food
  • Inexpensive and worth the price
  • Built quality is not that good
  • Low capacity
  • No adjustable timer or temperature setting
  • Takes a longer time to heat up the oil

What does a deep fryer consist of?

A deep fryer generally contains a pot-like utensil, which is usually made of cast iron or stainless steel. This pot is used for frying. The pot may come with smaller baskets that can hold the oil and help in deep-frying.

There are also deep fryers that have a pot and nest baskets. The nest basket is used to lower the food in the hot oil for frying and also in removing the fried food from the oil.

What are the different types of deep fryers?

There are many types of deep fryers available on the market today. Here’s a short description of all the different types.

Stove top deep fryer

Stove top deep fryers have a simple concept. Put in the oil in a deep pot or utensil, add the food to be fried, open the gas, close the lid (if required), and let it deep-fry. The fried food can be removed using the nest basket or a similar utensil. 

A stove top deep fryer is expensive on gas and usually requires longer time to fry your food. The stove top deep fryer also requires extra precaution from the handling perspective, as the oil could be easily spilled. Keep in mind that you are dealing with very high temperatures here.

Countertop deep fryers

Most of the deep fryers used today are countertop deep fryers. These are small and are generally used in places where you don’t have to cook too much. The place could be your home or a small restaurant outlet. The countertop deep fryers are generally electrical appliances that can be operated at particular temperatures. This type of deep fryers also have various options to choose from for various food types.

Even though electric deep fryers are more efficient, they use a certain amount of electricity and also take up some space. The countertop deep fryers are good for commercial establishments. For home purposes, we recommend a stove top deep fryer over the countertop one.

Ventless deep fryers

Ventless deep fryers are slightly different from countertop deep fryers. They have an enclosed chamber and internal venting system that keeps the fumes in the chamber. The ventless deep fryer also keeps the oil temperature in check. Because it’s tightly closed, the oil quality remains intact. A major advantage of the ventless deep fryer is that you don’t require a ventilation hood. It’s also easier to clean than other fryers. It is ideal for small restaurants, food trucks, and taverns.

Floor deep fryers

Floor deep fryers are used for frying food on a large scale. These are mostly used in big restaurants, fast food chains, and corporate kitchens to name a few. As the name suggests, the floor deep fryers take up a considerable amount of space and thus are ideal for commercial purposes. The floor deep fryers come in both electric and gas options.

Pressure deep fryers

Pressure deep fryers are efficient and rely on a pressurized chamber to fry the food. These are also good for commercial establishments. Another advantage of pressure fryers is that they maintain the flavor and moisture in the food. They also require less energy. A pressure deep fryer is ideal to cook food like fried chicken.

What’s the difference between gas and electric deep fryers?

First things first, let’s not confuse gas fryers with stove top fryers. A stove top deep fryer, as the name denotes, are used on the stove. The gas deep fryers use natural gas or propane for it to work. The electric deep fryer is of course powered by electricity.

Gas deep fryers are mostly used by skilled kitchen staff. Gas deep fryers are better for large quantities of food and have faster heating time than other deep fryers.

Electric fryers on the other hand are easier to set up and are used in smaller establishments. They are more efficient as far as heating cycles are concerned.

How does a deep fryer work?

A deep fryer generally consists of a frying chamber that can be filled with oil. The temperature of the oil can be controlled by the knobs/buttons provided on the fryer setup. The fryer also has a basket like a nest basket. This basket  can be used to immerse the food in the oil and remove it.

To operate the deep fryer, the oil should first be heated up to the required temperature, and then using the basket the food can be immersed into the oil. After the required amount of time, the fried food can be removed using the basket or spoon (if the fryer is not deep).

Factors to consider before buying a deep fryer

Home or Commercial use

You need to know if you want to buy a deep fryer for your home or for commercial purposes. You will need a different model depending on your needs.

Volume of frying

Before buying a deep fryer, try to have an idea of how much food you will be frying in general. There are fryers available in different sizes, so based on the volume of frying, you can choose a particular deep fryer.

Ease of use

Ease of use is another important point to consider before buying a deep fryer. Generally, home-based deep fryers are easy to set up and operate. Still, with the advancement of technology, deep fryers have become sophisticated. Don’t hesitate to look at the product manual before buying a particular deep fryer.


Most deep fryers come with all the required accessories like the basket, etc. There could be cheaper options available that might be giving only limited number of accessories. Based on your use and the accessories provided, you can select a suitable deep fryer.

Temperature control

Temperature control is one important factor in deep-frying. Different foods require different temperatures to be deep-fried. A little variation could mess up your final results. If you are opting for a deep fryer, do ensure you have a temperature control option available.

Ease of Cleaning

Many people say that it can quite difficult to clean deep fryers. If that is one of the top priorities for you, then make sure you check the details or read reviews before buying.

Online Reviews

The simplest thing that you can do before buying a deep fryer or any product for that matter is to go through online reviews and take a decision. Those will help you have a better idea of what customers like you think of the product.

How to clean a deep fryer?

The most challenging part of buying a deep fryer is cleaning it. The oil marks and food residue can really require deep cleaning from your end. The easiest way to clean a deep fryer is to use hot water and baking soda. You can use a cloth towel or a soft-bristled brush to clean the surface after treating it with the water and baking soda solution. 

There are also detergents and soaps that are now available in the market that can be used for cleaning purposes.  White vinegar may also be helpful. Make sure you don’t use any metal scraper to clean the deep fryer as it may damage the appliance.

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