The Best Air Fryers in Canada in 2022

With the rise of oil-free cooking and general health-consciousness, air fryers have become extremely popular in Canada. Instead of relying on excessive amounts of oil, air fryers work by circulating hot air. The circulating hot air fries your food evenly while giving it a crispy outer layer. In general, air fryers tend to use 98% less oil than traditional deep fryers.

Although air fryers require no oil to fry, you’re more than welcome to add a little oil for extra crispiness. Be sure to choose an oil with a high smoke point, such as avocado oil, grape seed oil, vegetable oil or peanut oil. A marinade or some water can also be used in the place of oil. We highly encourage you to experiment!

Keep reading to learn more about air fryers. We’ll also help you select the best air fryer available in Canada for your frying needs.

What is an air fryer ?

An air fryer is a relatively new small appliance on the market. It has been gaining a lot in popularity thanks to its ability to fry food in a healthier, oil-free way.

Hence the name, air fryers fry food using hot air that is trapped in the cooking chamber. Similar to a convection oven, a built-in fan circulates the air to evenly cook the food inside. While oil is not required, a small coating of oil can help you achieve an even crispier outer layer.

Air fryers will vary in terms of settings, but they will always have a built-in timer and an adjustable thermostat. Since each brand and model is different, it’s highly recommended to refer to the manual of the air fryer you choose to buy. Most air fryers will come with a recipe book or some air frying tips for optimal results. Cooking time tends to be different with an air fryer so it’s important to look at a few recipes when you’re first getting started.

Air fryers are generally easy to maintain and will come with dishwasher-safe accessories. This makes them easy to clean and maintain over time. Since you’ll be cooking with little to no oil, you will appreciate how easy they are to clean.

The Best Air Fryers in Canada in 2022

T-Fal EY201850  EasyFry XL Air Fryer

The T-Fal Air Fryer is simple and affordable, yet highly effective. With a 4.2 litre capacity, it’s perfect for families or frying up to 1.2 kg of food. Despite its large capacity, the T-Fal is relatively compact in size, allowing for easy storage.

The EasyFry XL has two simple dials: a thermostat and a 60-minute timer. The thermostat is easily adjustable, allowing you to set precise temperatures ranging from 175° F to 400° F.

In addition to air frying, the machine also lets you grill, roast and bake. This means you can conveniently use this air fryer as a mini oven.

The T-Fal comes with the MyActiFry mobile app, giving you access to over 100 air fryer recipes.

Ultrean 4 Liter Air Fryer

Priced at around $100 with almost 20,000 reviews on Amazon, the Ultrean Air Fryer is one of the most popular air fryers out there.
Similar to the T-Fal Air Fryer, the Ultrean lets you fry, roast and bake your food. It has a capacity of 4 litres which can easily serve up to 6 people.

What really sets it apart from the T-Fal is its LCD display. The display will conveniently let you know the current temperature of the device and the remaining time left on your timer. The timer can be set for up to 30 minutes, compared to the T-Fals 60-minute timer. Another bonus is that it’s available in 4 different colors (black, light blue, red and white). This means you can choose a color that matches your kitchen.

The Ultrean’s temperature can be precisely set between 180° F and 400° F. With dishwasher-safe parts, it’s known for its quick and easy cleaning.

Instead of a mobile app, the Ultrean Air Fryer comes with an air fryer cookbook.

Ninja Max XL Air Fryer

Ninja is well known for its high-performance kitchen appliances and this air fryer is no exception. Not only does it have considerably more settings than most air fryers on this list, it’s also the most powerful one. For that reason, it’s also on the pricier side.

With it’s impressive 5L capacity, you can easily fry up to 3 lbs of fries. The Ninja Max features its Max Crisp Technology that cooks your food up to 30% faster at a superheated temperature of 450 F. This high heat ensures that your food is extra crispy without a drop of oil needed.

In addition to Max Crisp frying, you can also use it for standard air frying, air roasting, air broiling, baking, reheating food and even dehydrating. The multifunctionality of this air fryer really makes it worth the extra buck. The settings are easy to adjust using its user-friendly control panel and LCD display.

Despite being more expensive than the first two air fryers on this list, the Ninja Max is a highly versatile air fryer that can essentially replace your oven and microwave. It also boasts a higher capacity, making it perfect for large families.

Philips XXL Air Fryer

The Philips XXL Air Fryer is another popular high-performance air fryer. What essentially sets this air fryer apart from others is its Twin TurboStar technology that produces high heat and tornado-like airflow to help evenly fry your food. This air circulation means that you won’t have to rotate your food halfway, no matter how piled up your items are. It also requires zero preheating time.

Another perk is that its frying basket has a divider that allows you to cook two different foods at the same time. This means you can save time by cooking your veggies on one side and your fries on the other.

Similar to the Ninja Max, the Phillips Air Fryer also allows for baking, broiling, roasting, reheating and dehydrating food. Its temperature is easily adjustable between 100 and 400 degrees fahrenheit. If you’re cooking meat in the air fryer, its basket will conveniently capture all excess fat, providing you with a less oily end-result.

Despite its XXL title, we were disappointed to learn that the Phillips Air Fryer’s capacity is just under 4 L, which is smaller than the Ninja Max. The XXL simply means its the largest compared to other Phillips Air Fryers.

Ninja Foodie 2-in-1 Air Fryer & Pressure Cooker

While we love the Ninja Max for its multifunctionality, the Ninja Foodie takes it to the next level with its added pressure cooker. It’s also the air fryer with the largest capacity on this list. Even better, its patented Cook & Crisp™ technology guarantees that your food ends up extra crispy.

It comes with a 7.5 L cooking pot and a 5 L air fryer basket. It’s rack is multi-layered which allows you to conveniently cook two different foods at once.

The Ninja Foodie also boasts its patented TenderCrisp technology, givng you the option of broiling your pressure-cooked food for a crispy and golden end result. Even more, the Foodie lets you steam, grill, sauté, dehydrate food and more. It’s truly a remarkable multi-functional appliance.

That said, if a pressure cooker is also on your buy list, we highly recommend opting for Ninja’s 2-in-1 Foodie. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also save space in your kitchen. With its extra large capacity, it’s the best air fryer for large families.

What are the benefits of air frying?

With their health perks and convenience, it’s no surprise that air fryers are increasingly popular appliances in Canada. Here are the main benefits of owning an air fryer:

A healthier and safer way to fry food

Typical fried foods tend to be high in trans fat which have been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Not only are fried foods risky to consume, they’re also dangerous to cook. When frying food above a certain temperature, carcinogenic fumes are released into the air and ingested. Deep fryers are also associated with domestic fires and severe burns. Basically, it’s important to know what you’re doing when deep-frying food.

As you know by now, air frying requires zero oil. This means you can enjoy fries, onion rings, chicken wings and more without having to worry about added oil. In addition to junk food, you can also roast veggies with an air fryer.

Since there is no hot oil needed, air fryers are safe appliances to operate. You certainly won’t have to worry about accidents related to handling hot oil.

Save time and space in the kitchen

Air fryers are generally easy to use and can fry food efficiently. They will almost always have a built-in timer and an adjustable thermostat. Instead of spending an hour setting up a traditional fryer, you can pop your food in and relax. With built-in timers, you don’t have to monitor your food as closely. However, make sure you know how long it takes to properly cook your food in an air fryer. For example, the cooking time for frozen vegetables will not be the same as for fresh vegetables.

Saving space in the kitchen is also a huge benefit of owning an air fryer. While it might sound like you’re adding an extra device to your kitchen, many air fryers offer additional cooking options, such as pressure cooking, baking, grilling or dehydrating. This is perfect if you have a small kitchen or an RV.

Less expensive cooking method

While deep fryer prices are comparable to air fryers, the amount of oil you need to fry can become costly. Most deep fryers will require between 2 and 5 litres of oil. This means that if you’re a regular deep fryer, you’ll easily need a couple litres of oil in your pantry at all times. With an air fryer, you can completely omit the oil or use a small amount if you desire.

No fried oil smell in your house

If you own a deep fryer, you’re probably aware that the smell of fried oil tends to linger for a while. After a quick Google search, it’s obvious that plenty of people are wondering how to get the smell of oil out of their house. Especially in Canada where we avoid opening the windows throughout the cold months of winter.

The smells omitted from an air fryer are minimal and will really depend on what you’re cooking. Just like an oven or a microwave, they are not odorless but they’re also not offensive.

The only potential downside to an air fryer is the hum-like noise they tend to make while operating. The noise level tends to vary by brand and model and like most appliances, you’ll quickly get used to small hum. You also most likely won’t be running your air fryer for too long.

How to choose the best air fryer?

Its Capacity

Air fryers generally have a capacity of 4 to 5 litres, or 4 to 6 servings. If you have a large family and want to save time, we’d recommend a capacity of 5 litres. Obviously, if you’re on your own, opt for the smallest air fryer you can find (4 litres or less)

Sometimes capacity will be described in terms of weight. To give you an idea, most air fryers have a capacity of around 1.8 kg. This is perfect for a family of 5 to 6 people. If you’re on your own, an air fryer with a capacity of 800 grams would be more than enough.

Its Cooking temperature and speed

This varies by brand and model. High performance air fryers tend to cook more efficiently at higher temperatures. In general, temperatures will range from 100°F to 450°F. The more power the fryer has at its maximum power, the shorter the cooking time will be. An air fryer with a maximum temperature of 400°F will generally require a cooking time of 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the capacity of the fryer.

If you want to save the most time, opt for an efficient and powerful air fryer, such as one of Ninja’s air fryers.

Cooking options

Nowadays, most air fryers offer more than just frying. Many will have options to roast, broil or bake food, while other more feature-rich air fryers will let you reheat or dehydrate food. Phillips’ 2-in-1 air fryer even lets you pressure cook your food.

If you opt for a multifunctional air fryer, you will basically be able to replace your oven, microwave, dehydrator and maybe even your pressure cooker! This is great if you live in a small space or want to cook in an RV.

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