The 5 Best Freestyle Trick Scooters in Canada in 2024

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If you grew up in the ’90s, you probably owned (or dreamed of owning) a scooter. You might remember taking your scooter to the skate park, only to realize that your scooter was on the verge of falling apart after every trick attempt. That reality gave birth to the first freestyle scooter in the late ‘90s. The first popularized freestyle scooter had inflatable tires and hand brakes, comparable to a BMX. 

Since then, trick scooters have evolved to become popular vehicles for extreme sports. They’re easier to ride than a skateboard and their handlebars open the door to a wider variety of tricks. 

Keep reading to learn more about stunt scooters and how to choose the best stunt scooter for your riding style.

What is a trick scooter?

A trick scooter, often referred to as a pro scooter or a freestyle scooter, is a scooter that’s designed for performing a wide variety of stunts. If you’ve ever seen someone doing tail grabs on a scooter at the skate park, they were most definitely riding a trick scooter as opposed to a kick scooter.

In terms of design, trick scooters appear similar to a standard kick scooter, however, they’re much more durable since they’re built to withstand the impact of tricks. For that reason, their handlebars will always be fixed instead of adjustable. A trick scooter also rarely can be folded.

The 5 Best Trick Scooters in Canada in 2024

As trick scooters have become a popular extreme sport for Millennials, more and more trick scooters have hit the market. Here are our top picks for stunt scooters you can buy this year on Amazon Canada:

Fuzion X-3 Pro Stunt Scooter

The Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter is one of the best beginner trick scooters on Amazon. With a concave deck made from aircraft-grade aluminum and high tensile steel V-bars, the X3 Pro is capable of withstanding the heavy impact of tricks.

It has 100 mm PU cast wheels with an ABS core. If needed, the wheels can be upgraded to 110 mm. The scooter’s brakes are durable, quick to respond, and produce no noise.

The X3 Pro has an IHC compression system, making it lighter than most scooters with a HIC compression system. Indeed, the scooter weighs just 8 lbs.

If you’re looking for an affordable entry-level trick scooter, the Fuzion X3 Pro is worth considering.

Why we like it

  • Great value for the price
  • Lightweight at just 7 lbs
  • High-quality & durable aluminum deck

What can be improved

  • Paint chips off easily
  • Grips might be too small for certain tricks

APOLLO Pro Scooter Genius Pro 4.0

If you want to take your scooter stunts to the next level, APOLLO’s Genius Pro 4.0 Scooter is an excellent choice in terms of durability. With an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy deck and a steel alloy, reinforced fork, the Genius Pro 4.0 is designed to withstand the heavy impact of stunts.

Its Y-shaped handlebars are 19.7 inches in width and comfortable to grip. Its deck is 19 x 4.2 inches, providing decent foot space. It has 100 mm PU wheels with an aluminum core. Coupled with high-speed ABEC-9 bearings, the Genius Pro 4.0 is designed for performance.

The scooter can be assembled in a few minutes, thanks to its 3-bolt clamp.  It has a weight capacity of 220 lbs. If you’re looking for a durable stunt scooter for an intermediate rider, APOLLO’s Genius Pro 4.0 is a great choice.

Why we like it

  • Solid & high-quality components
  • Great for advanced tricks & jumps
  • Designed in Germany

What can be improved

  • Logo decal peels off easily 
  • Wheels might need to be tightened after heavy use

VOKUL Bzit K1 Pro Scooter

The Vokul Bzit K1 Pro Scooter is another excellent entry-level stunt scooter. The scooter has solid 110 mm wheels with an alloy core. Its wheels feature excellent performance ABEC-9 bearings. Its 20 x 4.5-inch deck is made from durable aluminum alloy.

The K1 Pro weighs about 9 lbs, making it lightweight yet heavy enough for doing tricks
Overall, the X1 Pro is a great entry-level trick scooter for kids or teens with a maximum height of 5”8. The scooter also has a weight capacity of 220 lbs.

Why we like it

  • Excellent for beginners
  • Made from high quality components
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

What can be improved

  • Users have reported wheels coming out of alignment
  • Not suitable for anyone taller than 5”8

Mongoose Rise 100 Pro Freestyle Scooter

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly trick scooter with pegs, the Mongoose Rise 100 may be for you. With its 100 mm alloy wheels and ABEC-7 bearings, the Rise 100 is great for for smooth riding and tricks. It comes with built-in pegs that are great if you want to learn a wider variety of tricks, including rail grinds.

Despite its price, the Mongoose Rise is made from decent-quality components. For example, the scooter has a quadruple anodized clamp collar that adds extra security when performing tricks.

The scooter has a T-bar handlebar with comfortable grips comparable to those found on a bicycle. The handlebar measures 22.7 x 21 inches. 

Weighing almost 12 lbs, the Mongoose Rise 100 Pro is heavier than other pro scooters on this list. Like most scooters on this list, it has a weight capacity of 220 lbs. 

Why we like it

  • Solid construction
  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Comes with pegs

What can be improved

  • Heavier, weighing almost 12 lbs

Arcade Plus Stunt Scooter

The Arcade Plus is another decent-quality stunt scooter that features built-in pegs. Weighing just 8.5 lbs, the scooter is lightweight yet sturdy enough for performing tricks. The Arcade Plus has a solid concave deck that measures 9.5 x 4.5 inches. It has 23-inch steel handlebars with a 3D-stamped fork.

the Arcade Plus features 100 mm aluminum wheels that can be upgraded to 110 mm if needed. The wheels have ABEC-7 bearings for smooth riding. Like most scooters on this list, it has a weight capacity of 220 lbs. 

Overall, the Arcade Plus is another beginner to intermediate-level trick scooter worth considering.

Why we like it

  • Colourful & unique graphics
  • Lightweight yet durable 
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee

What can be improved

  • Users have reported grip tape coming off easily  
  • Brakes are responsive but made of plastic

Difference Between a Trick Scooter And a Regular Scooter

While it may not be visually obvious, there are many differences between a stunt scooter and a standard kick scooter. The main differences are seen in the design of their handlebars, their wheels, and their weight.

Handlebar Design

A stunt scooter’s handlebars will always be in a solid, fixed position. The scooter’s handlebars must be durable enough to withstand the impact of performing tricks. Unlike standard handlebars, they can rarely be adjusted in terms of height. On the other hand, standard scooters tend to have folding handlebars that are also height adjustable. 

Wheel Quality

A stunt scooter’s wheels will never be made of plastic, as they commonly are on a standard kick scooter. Instead, they will commonly be made from polyurethane (PU) with aluminum or steel cores that are designed to withstand impacts.


Lastly, stunt scooters must be lightweight but still durable enough to withstand impacts. They often weigh between 7 and 9 lbs. On the contrary, kick scooters are designed for cruising and portability. Since they are not designed for impact, their materials are less heavy-duty. For these reasons, kick scooters tend to be much lighter than trick scooters.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Trick Scooter?

Trick scooters can be set up in different ways that depend on the intended riding style and price range. If you want to make an informed choice, there are many specs to consider, including the scooter’s size, weight, and the quality of its components. Here are some basic factors to consider when buying a stunt scooter:

Your Height

Unlike a standard scooter, a trick scooter’s handlebar height cannot be adjusted. For that reason, it’s important to choose a scooter that is suitable for your height. For optimal performance, comfort, and balance, a trick scooter’s handlebars should reach your waist. More advanced freestyle scooter riders prefer shorter scooters, but a shorter scooter is not recommended for beginners.

The Scooter’s Weight

When it comes to performing tricks, you want a scooter that is lightweight but robust. A pro scooter generally weighs between 8 and 12 lbs. If you’re a beginner rider, a heavier stunt scooter is okay for starting off, but as you move on to more advanced stunts, opting for a lightweight freestyle scooter is recommended.

Wheel Size

The most common wheel size for a pro scooter is 110 mm. Many riders, however, prefer bigger wheels in the 120 to 125 mm range. While smaller wheels tend to be more agile, bigger wheels are more efficient and provide you with more speed. They will also last longer than standard 100 mm to 110 mm wheels.

Trick scooter wheels should be made from durable materials, such as polyurethane, and have a heavy-duty metal core. A pro scooter’s wheels should ultimately be durable, weather-resistant, and comfortable to land on.

Bearings Quality

Most trick scooters require at least 6 bearings, located in the wheels and headset. The quality of a scooter’s bearings is a good indicator of its performance. More specifically, bearings play a big role in determining how fast the scooter’s wheels can spin. The best bearings provide minimal friction and long-lasting performance. The best bearings for trick scooters will have a high ABEC rating, such as 7 or 9. 

Quality of Materials

A scooter made from high-quality materials will offer higher performance in terms of stability, sturdiness, and maneuverability. A high-quality trick scooter will be safer and more comfortable to perform tricks on. The most robust stunt scooters’ decks will generally be made from treated triple channel aluminum. Their handlebars will be made from either steel or aluminum. Their wheels will be made from PU cast with a metal core (often aluminum alloy).

If you are looking for alternatives to stunt scooters, check out our article on the best longboards for beginners or the best electric scooters in Canada.

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