The Best Punching Bag with Stand in Canada

Incorporating a punching bag into your workout routine can help train your muscles, increase your bone-building power and upper body strength. Not to mention, well-executed punching bag workouts are an excellent way to burn extra calories and shed fat.

What is a punching bag with a stand?

A punching bag is a piece of workout equipment that is designed to be punched. As the name implies, a punching bag with a stand is hung on a stand, as opposed to being hung from the ceiling. The best punching bags for home workouts usually weigh around 50 to 150 pounds.

What are punching bags used for?

In general, punching bags are used for practicing powerful punches and boxing techniques. When used correctly, punching bags can be used to enhance your overall health and fitness level.

Whenever you hit a punching bag, you’re directly testing your strength and stamina levels. The heavier the bag, the greater the resistance. A greater resistance will help you build muscle and strengthen your core. Punching bags can also be incorporated into effective cardio workouts.

The benefits of having a standing punching bag

Punching bags with stands or freestanding punching bags are great since they don’t have to be installed onto your ceiling or mounted onto furniture. For that reason, the punching bag can be set up and moved around your space more conveniently.

Since the punching bag stand’s base is solid and weighted, the bag will not fall over, no matter how powerful your punch or kick is. Overall, freestanding punching bags are convenient and provide a realistic training experience due to the bag’s rebound when you strike it.

The Best Punching Bags with Stands in Canada in 2022

Here are the best free-standing punching bags available in Canada.

Century Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Punching Bag

The Century Wavemaster XXL bag is durable and perfect for heavy bag workouts. It’s solid build is designed to withstand consistent punches and kicks without incurring any damages. Its thick padding is suitable for powerful strikes and speed.

In terms of size, the bag is almost 6 feet in height, comparable to a large adult. It’s easy to assemble and you won’t need any tools to set it up. The bag can be filled with water or sand in order to give it a general base weight of around 270 pounds. Sand is always recommended.

Another great feature of the Wavemaster XXL bag is its lightweight and round base that makes it easy to move around. Once the bottom of the bag is filled with sand, it won’t move around much when striked. The bag is available in blue, red, or black.

  • Large size for a freestanding bag
  • Great for cardio workouts and practicing techniques
  • High density foam padding is suitable for powerful strikes
  • Does not move around much during use
  • Not as stable if filled with water (versus sand)
  • Users have reported water leaking from the cap
  • The base can slide a bit, depending on the floor texture and your power

Dripex Freestanding Punching bag

The Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag is affordable yet highly durable. This bag has a sturdy base that is suctioned to the ground using twelve suction cups. The base can also be filled with sand or water for extra stability.

Another great feature of the Dripex bag is its stainless steel stand that’s covered in thick PU leather, a fabric buffer, and dense EPE foam. It also has a unique shock absorbing system that allows it to recoil after an impact and minimizes noise.

The bag is 6 feet tall, making it a great choice for tall people. While it’s a highly stable bag, we would not recommend this bag for someone on the heavier side delivering powerful punches and kicks.

  • Highly stable and durable
  • Absorbs noises and shocks
  • Suitable for tall people
  • Cushioned surface is comfortable to strike
  • Not ideal for powerful punches or kicks (can move around)
  • Suction cup base not suitable for carpeted floors

RDX Free-standing standing punching bag

The RDX Freestanding Punching Bag is another affordable punching bag. 

The bag is made from multi-layered Maya hide, one of the toughest synthetic leathers available. Similar to the Dripex bag above, the base is suctioned to the floor with 17 suction cups. For added stability, the base can be filled with sand or water, but sand is always recommended. A benefit of the RDX bag is that its base legs can be extended outwards for extra stability if needed. 

To help you practice specific strikes and techniques, the bag has enumerated target zones. The bag’s high-density foam padding and shock-absorbing base connector allows it to withstand even the most powerful strikes. 

Overall, RDX’s punching bag is a great value. With its enumerated training blueprint, it’s suitable for a mix of more experienced boxers and amateurs. Since its XXL model is 6-feet tall, you won’t have to worry about being too tall or short for the bag.

  • Made from thick Maya hide to ensure durability
  • Affordable yet decent quality
  • Very stable with extendable legs
  • Comes with a pair of RDX Boxing Gloves
  • Suction cup base not suitable for carpeted floors
  • The base can leak once congested

Protocol Heavy-Duty Punching Ball

The Protocol Punching Ball is heavy-duty and the most budget-friendly option on this list. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for a punching bag for practicing a mix of punches and uppercuts. Since it’s only a punching ball, you obviously cannot practice strikes to the body with this type of bag. 

The ball is made from solid and durable EVA foam which allows it to withstand powerful strikes without getting damaged. The base can be filled with either sand or water to help maintain stability. The punching ball’s stand is easily height-adjustable and it comes with a pair of adjustable Protocol boxing gloves. As a heavy-duty model, this ball is firmer than their beginner punching ball. 

A benefit of this punching ball is that it’s lightweight and easier to move around your home compared to other free-standing punching bags.

  • Relatively sturdy and durable
  • Height is easy to adjust
  • Comes with adjustable Protocol Boxing Gloves
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ball could be too firm for some beginners
  • Not ideal for practicing body strikes
  • Not 100% stable when it comes to powerful strikes

Century Fitness Body Opponent Bag (BOB) XL

The Century Fitness BOB is an excellent choice if you’re looking to train for precision punches and kicks. Compared to a standard freestanding punching bag, the experience is more realistic and engaging. The bag’s height can easily be adjusted up to almost 7 feet.

Similar to most free-standing bags, it can be filled with either sand or water and can be set up pretty much anywhere in your home. When not in use, the bag can be emptied and rolled up for compact storage.

The bag has a human-like design that enables you to target your strikes to specific areas of the head or torso. This makes it great for both amateur and experienced boxers who want to train from home in a more realistic setting. The BOB essentially simulates a real-life boxing opponent or training partner.

  • Human-like design is more realistic
  • Ideal for precision training
  • Soft, padded material is comfortable to strike
  • Easily adjustable for height
  • Pale color is more prone to stains
  • More expensive compared to free standing punching bags

The Different Types of Punching Bags

There are many types of punching bags on the market in Canada today. Your choice of punching bag will largely depend on what you plan on using it for.

Punching bags differ in size, weight, shape, material, and many other factors. Some of the basic punching bag types include;

  • Double-ended bags 
  • Uppercut bags
  • Maize bags
  • Hanging or standing bags
  • Speed bags

Here is a list of the different types of punching bags available on the market.

Freestanding punching bags

Freestanding punching bags are known for their lack of installation required and portability. Instead of being suspended from the ceiling, freestanding punching bags remain stable thanks to their heavy base. Since they are not installed onto a ceiling, they can easily be moved around and or stored in a closet when not in use.

A freestanding bag is known for its heavy center of gravity, which allows it to remain in its position regardless of how powerful your punch or kick is.

Standard heavy hanging bags

Hanging punching bags are designed to be suspended from a ceiling or a solid fixture. These types of punching bags are perfect for smaller workout spaces since they don’t take up as much space.

Hanging punching bags are more suitable for punches, jabs, hooks, and crosses.

Speed punching bags

Speed punching bags are mostly used for intense, fast punching workout sessions. They are filled with air and are a bit lighter. It helps if you have a short spring to mount it on, that way it returns to you quickly when you hit it, hence the name speed bag.

As opposed to building strength, the speed punching bag is used to develop speed and stamina.

Wall punching bags

Wall-mounted punching bags are useful for those with limited space in their workout area. These bags are typically square-shaped and much lighter. Since they’re designed to be mounted on a wall, they won’t rebound.

Wall bags are great for practicing uppercuts, since they have a thick upper section.

Water punching bags

Instead of material or air, water punching bags are filled with gallons of water. Water punching bags are designed to make you feel like you’re hitting a real person. They don’t require any maintenance, and you can fill them up with water easily.

Body opponent bags (BOB)

A body opponent punching bag is similar to a standing bag, however, it’s shaped like a man’s upper body. Since it’s mounted on the floor,  the bag rebounds when you strike it, making it a more realistic experience. 

A BOB is a great punching bag for practicing kicks and punches.

Factors to consider before buying a punching bag

Your measurements

The first thing you need to consider when buying a punching bag is the size of the bag. To get the perfect size for your body type, simply divide your weight by two.

For example, if you weigh 150kg, it means you’ll need a 75kg bag. If you weigh 100kg, you’ll need a 50kg bag.

Your workout goals

Why are you buying a punching bag? What workout goals do you want to achieve? Are you trying to shed body fat or are you practicing specific striking techniques?

Since there are many different types of punching bags on the market, it’s important to have an idea of how you’ll be using the bag in order to make the best choice.

If your aim is to develop more speed, you should opt for a light punching bag. However, if you intend to build muscle strength and power, you should opt for a heavy bag that’s over 40 pounds.

Experience level

Are you new to boxing or have you fought in the ring before? Your experience level with boxing is important as you determine the type of punching bag to buy.

If you’re just starting off and lack the strength to throw powerful punches, you’ll be better off with a lighter bag.

If you have experience with striking and have the strength for it, a heavier punching bag could be suitable for you. 

Filled or unfilled bags

Before you choose a punching bag, you’ll have to choose between the filled and unfilled bags. Filled bags are already pre-filled with material from the factory. Once you buy them, you can start using them immediately.

Whereas for the unfilled bags, you can decide what to fill them with. You can choose to put rice, sand, sawdust, and many other types of materials.