The 5 Best Ping-Pong Tables For Your Home in Canada in 2024

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Whether you’re a ping pong pro or just looking to have some fun, table tennis is a fun activity that can be enjoyed all year round. Not only is it a great way to entertain yourself with some friends, but it’s also quite the workout. It can also be highly competitive and even addicting to play. 

In order to play a good round of table tennis, having the right equipment is ideal. While setting yourself up on the kitchen table might sound like a good idea, nothing beats the quality of a heated ping pong game on a legit ping pong table.

A well-designed table tennis table should have the right tabletop thickness, dimensions, net size, height, and markings. Having adequate space around the table is also ideal. Not to mention, a perfectly designed table is useless without good quality ping pong paddles

If you’re curious about the ins and outs of table tennis and how to choose the right table tennis table, keep reading.

The 5 Best Ping-Pong Tables in Canada in 2024

Here is a list of the best home ping pong tables you can buy in Canada this year.

JOOLA Rally TL Indoor Ping Pong Table

JOOLA’s Rally TL is another great ping pong table for more advanced ping pong players. With its professional black and white design and 4 built-in ball holders, it’s perfect for a competitive game. You also won’t have to worry about losing balls.

Similar to JOOLA’s Inside, it folds in half for solo practicing in playback mode. The table weighs 185 lbs but is built on wheels, making it easy to transport. 

The table has a 15 mm charcoal surface that is made from durable medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and provides a perfect bounce. The table’s lines are silk-screened to ensure a smooth tabletop.


  • Competition-grade specs
  • Has built-in ball holders 
  • Comes with a magnetic scoreboard


  • Heavy, weighs 185 lbs

JOOLA Inside 15 Indoor Ping Pong Table

JOOLA Inside 15 table tennis table is an affordable table tennis table that complies with most competition regulations. It’s made from professional-grade materials and has a 72” net. It also measures 9 by 5 feet, making it a suitable size for competitions.

The table is built on four 3” wheels that can be locked while playing. This means it can easily be moved around. When not in use, the table can be folded up compactly and pushed into a closet. 

The table is made from durable wood composite and has a 15 mm thick dark blue tabletop with silk-screened white stripes. This provides the table with a consistent, smooth surface and a perfect bounce.  While 15 mm isn’t the thickest of tables, it’s standard for this price range. 

A cool feature is that the table doubles as a single-player ping pong table. When playing solo, one of its halves can be folded up. This is convenient for practicing on your own.


  • Competition-grade specs 
  • Can also be used solo
  • Easy to transport (folds + wheels)


  • Thin surface of 15 mm / ⅝ inch
  • Not the highest quality net and posts 
  • Nowhere to store balls or paddles

HEAD Summit Ping Pong Table

If you’re looking for a table tennis table with a thicker surface, the HEAD Summit is an excellent choice. With an 18 mm thick, plastic surface, it’s closer to what you’d find at a tournament. Compared to thinner tables, it provides a more consistent bounce. It’s also foldable, which is very convenient for saving space.

Measuring 9 by 5 feet, the table’s dimensions are compliant with tournament regulations. The table can be folded upwards for single-player mode, which is convenient for practicing on your own. 

Its black design is sleek and easy to blend into any space. It also has built-in ball and paddle holders. 

Bottom line, if you’re willing to spend a little more for a higher quality table tennis table, the HEAD Summit is a great choice.


  • Thick surface for consistent bounce
  • Sleek black design
  • Has ball and paddle holders


  • Very heavy, weighing over 200 lbs

JOOLA Midsize Compact Ping Pong Table

Let’s face it, not everyone has the space for a standard-sized table tennis table. JOOLA’s compact ping pong table is the perfect solution. Measuring 72 x 36 inches, it’s perfect for apartments or small spaces. It’s also a great sized ping pong table for kids.

What sets this ping pong table apart from others, asides from its compact size, is its multipurpose design. The table is essentially made up of two squares that can be used as independent board game tables with legs. This is convenient for game nights and a fun addition to a game room. 

The table weighs just 50 lbs and can easily be disassembled and stored away when not in use.  Unlike JOOLA’s standard-sized tables, it cannot be folded. Setup is effortless as the table comes 100% preassembled. 

If you’re looking for an even smaller ping pong table, JOOLA also has a Mini Ping Pong Table that is a similar length but half the width.


  • Great size for small spaces or kids
  • Lightweight at just 50 lbs
  • Multipurpose table


  • Lower quality board than other JOOLA tables
  • No balls or paddles included

JOOLA NOVA Waterproof Outdoor Ping Pong Table

During those hot summer months, ping pong is best played outdoors. Made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, the JOOVA NOLA is one of the best outdoor ping pong tables in Canada. Considering it’s heavy-duty outdoor ping pong table, it’s also quite affordable.

With a 5 mm aluminum plastic composite surface, the JOOLA NOVA is completely weatherproof and resistant to warping. Its frame and legs are rust-resistant and powder coated. Its net is also waterproof. Each leg’s height can be adjusted individually to adapt to uneven surfaces. 

Similar to other JOOLA tables, the table can be folded upwards for single-player playback mode. Weighing 166 lbs when assembled, it’s on the heavier size. However, it can be folded and has  3-inch heavy-duty caster wheels that make it easier to transport. Also, its four wheels can be locked to ensure stability while playing.


  • Durable & completely weatherproof
  • Has lockable wheels for easy transport
  • Competition-grade size


  • Vulnerable to scratches
  • Doesn’t bounce as well as indoor tables
  • Nowhere to store balls or paddles

How To Choose The Best Ping Pong Table?

There are several actors to consider when selecting the right table tennis table for your needs. Keep in mind that many of these factors are less important when it comes to recreational ping pong. 

Table Thickness

Table thickness is important when it comes to bounce. A thicker table surface will provide a more consistent bounce. More affordable tables will generally be about 13 to 15 mm inches thick, whereas tournament-grade tables are never less than 22 mm thick. While surface thickness is an important factor for professionals, a recreational ping pong player will likely not notice a difference.  


Ping pong tables can be made from plywood, fiberglass, or even plastic. Outdoor pinging tables will be made from a more durable, weather-resistant material such as aluminum plastic composite or outdoor laminate.

If you’re looking for a tournament-grade indoor ping pong table, a table made from high-density fiberboard is recommended. A more affordable alternative to HDF is medium density fiberboard (MDF). Recreational ping pong tables made from MDF are quite common nowadays. 


The size of the ping pong table you decide to get will ultimately depend on the space you plan on allocating to it. A standard professional ping pong table measures about 9 x 5 feet.

If you’re an aspiring ping pong pro, it’s recommended that you practice on a table that adheres to tournament regulations. If you’re just looking to have some fun, you can find ping pong tables in all sizes (mini, midsize, or standard)


Some key features to look out for include locking wheels and ball holders. Being able to fold a ping pong table can also be a huge perk since they can be quite heavy and take up a lot of space. I

f you plan on practicing on your own, many tables can be folded upwards for practicing in playback mode. 

Indoor or Outdoor

Full-size ping pong tables can weigh over 200 lbs, so it’s not the kind of equipment you want to take inside before it rains. That said, if you want a table that can be enjoyed outdoors during summer, opting for an outdoor ping pong table is a good idea.

Outdoor ping pong tables will be weatherproof and more heavy-duty than their indoor counterparts. Using an indoor table outdoors is not recommended, as MDF is not waterproof and for that reason is prone to warping when in contact with water.

Difference Between an Outdoor And Indoor Ping Ping Table

When shopping for a ping pong table, you’ll notice that some are for indoor use, while others are advertised as outdoor table tennis tables. The tables look similar, so what are the main differences? 

There are several key differences that make outdoor ping pong tables suitable for outdoor environments. Firstly, an outdoor table tennis table’s surface will be made from a weather-resistant material, such as aluminum or laminate. Its legs will also be coated with a rust-resistant coating. Since outdoor surfaces are less even than indoor flooring, the table’s legs will often be adjustable in their height and sometimes even angle. Lastly, outdoor ping pong tables have larger and more rugged wheels so that they easily can roll over grass or sand.

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