The 5 Best Electric Scooters For Adults in Canada in 2024

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As you’ve probably already noticed, electric scooters have grown in popularity over the past few years in Canada. Not only are they much more efficient than riding a bike, but they’re also cheaper and more convenient than owning a car. Not to mention, better for our planet.

Electric scooters essentially fill the gap between driving a car and riding a bike. That’s why they’re popular in cities like Montreal or Toronto, where parking is impossible or hills and large distances make biking less convenient.

Nowadays, e-scooters can easily be rented in most major cities across Canada, but nothing beats the luxury of owning your own. You don’t have to worry about availability, increasing rental prices, and not to mention, germs!

Keep reading to learn more about e-scooters and why they’re an excellent mode of transportation. We’ll also highlight the best e-scooters in Canada this year.

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Is It Worth Buying An E-Scooter?

There are many reasons why an e-scooter is worth buying, especially if you live in a big city or a town with lots of hills. If you need a mode of transportation for short trips, an electric scooter is an efficient and cost-effective option. Most e-scooters can cover up to 65 km on a full charge.

In terms of efficiency, an electric scooter can get you to your destination up to five times faster than walking. Compared to driving a car, an electric scooter is also much more environmentally friendly since it’s lightweight and electric. If your electric scooter has the space for it, you can technically even carpool with a friend.

An electric scooter is also a convenient alternative to walking or biking since it’s essentially effortless to use. This means you won’t arrive at your destination exhausted or covered in sweat.

Electric Scooter Reviews 2023: The 5 Best e-Scooters in Canada

With so many electric scooters to choose from, we’ve analyzed dozens of the best-selling models to help make your choice easier for you. Here is our list of the best electric scooters on the market in terms of performance and value.

Segway Ninebot MAX Eletric Kick Scooter

If power, comfort, and range are important to you, the Segway Ninebox KickScooter MAX (G30P) is without a doubt one of the best electric scooters you can buy in Canada. With 800W of power, it’s powerful enough to be used in a variety of wet and dry terrains and is excellent at riding up slopes. It can reach a top speed of 30 km/h and can take you up to 65 km on a full charge.

With a range of 65 km/h the Ninebot MAX G30P has a much better range than most electric scooters on the market. For that reason, you won’t have to think about charging your scooter as often. Its 551Wh battery does take about 6 hours to charge, but it’s worth it for the high range it offers.

Like most e-scooters, the G30P has an LED display, which displays all the pertinent information about your trip. It also has front and rear LED lights. It also has a cruise control setting for when you’re cruising around town. While the G30P doesn’t have suspension, it has thick 10″ inflatable tires.

If the Ninebot MAX G30P is too intense forr your needs, Segway offers other electric scooters worth considering, including the Segway Ninebot E22. The E22 is cheaper and lighter but, but has shorter battery life. If your budget is limited, the E22 is still a decent option.

Why we like it

  • Excellent range of 65 km
  • High top speed of 30 km/h
  • Powerful enough for hills (20% hill grade)

What can be improved

  • Not suitable for rough terrains (no suspension)
  • Heavy, weighing over 41 lbs

NIU KQi3 Max Electric Scooter

If the Segway Ninebot MAX isn’t for you, the NIU KQi3 Max is another electric scooter worth considering for many reasons. With its 9.5″ self-healing tires, impressive shock absorption, high max load, and wide deck, the KQi3 Max is suitable for a wide range of terrains. It boasts a max speed of 32 km/h and a range of about 65 km. With a 450-watt motor, the KQi3 is suitable for climbing hills (25%).

The KQi3 is essentially an upgraded version of the KQi2. Several improvements were made including an increased max power wattage, a better battery, a higher top speed, and a much better braking system. This higher performance comes at a higher price, but it’s still an affordable electric scooter.

In terms of its braking system, the KQi3 Max has a dual braking system with disk brakes on the front and rear. Its brakes are reliable whether the roads are dry or wet.

It has an intuitive LED display where you can control the front headlight, current speed, battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, and E-SAVE mode. However, battery life is displayed in terms of five squares, which is not as precise as a percentage.

Why we like it

  • High top speed of 37 km/hour
  • Excellent range of 65 km
  • Higher max weight capacity of 265 lbs
  • Excellent braking system (front and rear disk brakes)

What can be improved

  • No suspension (but has shock-absorbing tires)
  • Heavy, weighing about 44 lbs

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter

Inspired by the Xiaomi Mi M365, the Hiboy S2 Pro is an affordable electric scooter worth considering. Despite its lower price point, it’s powerful and accelerates quickly. It has a max speed of 30 km/h and a range of between 20 and 40 km on a full charge. It also features a built-in LCD screen that displays your speed, range, and battery level.

Because of its large 10″ tires and rear dual shock absorbers, the Hiboy S2 Pro is particularly great for rough surfaces and bumpy roads. When not in use, it can be folded quickly in just one step. Similar to the MAX above, it has a safe and fast braking system.

The electric scooter comes with bright headlights, so you can ride safely at night. It also integrates with an iOS/Android app where you can keep track of useful data pertaining to your scooter.

Why we like it

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Powerful with a top speed of 30 km/h
  • Has the option to add a seat
  • Great for rough terrains (large wheels)

What can be improved

  • Low range of 20 to 40 km
  • Not the smoothest to ride

GoTrax GMax Ultra Electric Scooter

GoTrax GMAX Ultra is another popular electric scooter in Canada. It has a max speed of 32 km/h, and an excellent range of 72 km on a single charge. It also features a braking light and a larger digital display than most electric scooters.

Because of its large 10″ pneumatic shock-absorbing tires, the GoTrax is great for rough and bumpy terrains. It’s also powerful enough to handle riding up hills up to 15 degrees.

Another feature we love about the GMAX Ultra is its excellent built quality and its anti-theft lock.

The deck is 6.7 inches wide. A wider deck allows you to be more comfortable on the scooter. This model also has a cruise control option.

Why we like it

  • Excellent range of 72 km
  • Great for rough terrains (large wheels)
  • Bigger LED display than most
  • Front headlight and rear taillight

What can be improved

  • Heavy, weighing around 46 lbs

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

If you’re looking for an electric scooter with a seat, the Razor EcoSmart Scooter is one of our favourites. With its comfortable cushioned seat and large tires, it’s almost like a hybrid between an electric bike and an electric scooter. With its 500-watt high torque engine, you can quickly reach a top speed of 29 km/h.

The scooter weighs around 67 lbs, which is on the heavy site. However, it’s a much larger scooter in general, so this weight is justified. With its 16″ air-filled tires, you’ll have no trouble riding over rocks or up hills, which can otherwise be challenging with some electric scooters.

In terms of battery life, you can ride for up to 19 km or roughly 40 minutes on a full charge. Charging the scooter takes around 12 hours, so this could be a turn-off for some people.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a comfortable electric scooter with a seat, the Razor EcoSmart is for you.

Why we like it

  • Comfortable for extended trips
  • Large 16″ tires are suitable for bumpy terrains
  • Detachable storage basket

What can be improved

  • Low range of just 19 km (or about 40 minutes)
  • Takes 12 hours to fully charge

How To Choose The Best e-Scooter

There are many factors to take into consideration when scoping out the best electric scooter for your needs. Some of these factors include the scooter’s reliability, its maximum speed, the efficiency of its battery, as well as its weight dimensions. Here are some more details:

Max Speed

Many factors can influence the speed of an electric scooter: the terrain being ridden on, the size and type of tires installed, the weight of the rider, and of course, the scooter’s power.

An electric scooter’s maximum speed is always calculated in ideal conditions. For example, on a smoothly paved road with a full battery and an adult driver weighing the average weight. An electric scooter with a maximum speed of at least 24 km/h is ideal for most people.

Quality & Type of Brakes

An electric scooter’s brakes are essential to ensuring safety. The last thing anyone wants is to be riding 30 km/h down a hill and not be able to stop in a timely fashion. Before purchasing an electric scooter, make sure that it has an excellent brake system. Opt for a scooter that also allows you to brake manually. You should never rely solely on electric braking, in case there is an electrical problem.

Battery Range & Battery Life

Just like speed, a scooter’s battery range, and longevity can be influenced by several factors, including the terrain ridden on, the driver’s weight, and the average speed of the scooter. Battery life can range anywhere from 20 km for more affordable scooters to up to 75 km for higher-end scooters. A scooter’s battery range typically improves with price. With regular use, most batteries will have to be replaced every 3 years.

Price & Quality

Electric scooters can cost anywhere from $500 to well over $2,000. Whether you’re buying an affordable electric scooter or a mid-range scooter, you still want it to stand the test of time. With more and more budget-friendly electric scooters hitting the market, we highly recommend sticking with the more reputable brands when it comes to ensuring quality. Also, make sure that the manufacturer offers a decent return policy and warranty.

Weight & Size

For many reasons, an electric scooter’s weight is not a detail that should be overlooked. Heavy scooters consume more energy and, for that reason, have a shorter battery range. Also, a heavy scooter takes away from its transportability, especially if you will be carrying it up a few sets of stairs. Opt for an electric scooter that weighs less than 35 lbs.

In terms of size, an adult electric scooter is obviously not as small as the Razor you had when you were a kid. You should also consider the scooter’s size when folded. You don’t want a scooter that’s too big to fit in your trunk or storage space.

What Are The Benefits of Electric Scooters?

There are many benefits to owning an electric scooter, especially if you live in the city. Here are the main reasons why electric scooters are a convenient means of transportation:

Convenient for short trips

Electric scooters are perfect for getting around the city efficiently. With an average range of about 50km, they are perfect for short distances. Obviously, you won’t move at the same speed as a car, but the speed can be comparable to that of a bicycle.

Whether it’s to get to your job 15 minutes from home or to go to the grocery store to pick up a few items, an electric scooter is a great mode of transportation.

No need for a driver’s license

Unlike a car or a traditional motorized scooter, you don’t need a license to drive an electric scooter. The reason is that they are relatively slow and must legally be driven on the sidewalks or bike paths.

Since a driver’s license is not required, electric scooters are a great means of transportation for teenagers or anyone who does not have a driver’s license.

Easy to transport & store

With their foldable designs, electric scooters are easy to transport when not in use. Instead of locking your scooter up to a stop sign, you can easily take it inside with you to prevent theft. It also means that if your scooter breaks down, runs out of battery, or it starts to rain heavily, you always have the option of walking with your scooter.

Their portable design also makes them convenient to store indoors during the winter months.

More eco-friendly than driving

Since they’re powered by electricity instead of gas, electric scooters operate quietly and leave behind a smaller environmental footprint. An electric scooter is therefore a much more energy-efficient means of transportation than driving a car in the city.

More affordable than owning a car

When compared to a car or a monthly public transport pass over several years, an electric scooter is an affordable means of transportation. For less than $1000, you can get a lightweight, electric-powered, and efficient means of transport. Unlike a car, an electric scooter requires little to no maintenance over the years. Except for the batteries of electric scooters, parts are generally inexpensive to replace when the time comes.

Electric Scooter vs. Kick Scooter

If you were a kid during the 90s, you probably spent a good amount of time ripping around the sidewalks on a kick scooter. Electric scooters are similar in the sense that they have two wheels, a deck, handlebars, and brakes. However, they’re electric.

Instead of being fuelled by physical movement, an electric scooter has an electric motor. It also tends to have bigger tires and a wider deck than a kick scooter. With an electric scooter, you can effortlessly propel forward.

The benefit of a kick scooter is that it doesn’t require electricity to operate. This makes it an affordable, eco-friendly, and healthy way to get around.

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