The 5 Best Electric Bikes in Canada in 2024

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As you’ve probably noticed, electric bikes have become increasingly popular throughout Canada in recent years. Not only are they more efficient than biking, but they’re also an inexpensive and eco-friendly mode of transportation. They’re also a lot more fun than taking public transportation. For that reason, E-bikes are not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the global E-bike market is expected to grow to US$ 40.98 billion by 2030.

With so many options to choose from, shopping around for an electric bike can be overwhelming. Even the more budget-friendly e-bikes are not “cheap” for the average person, so it’s important to really understand what you’re buying.

Keep reading to learn more about electric bikes and why they’re an excellent means of transportation. We’ll also help you find the best e-bike in Canada for your needs.

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How Does An E-Bike Work?

If you’ve ridden a standard bicycle before, riding an e-bike will be intuitive, but potentially a little scary at first. There are generally two types of e-bikes; pedal-assist e-bikes and e-bikes with a throttle. 

With a pedal-assist e-bike, the bike’s engine gets engaged every time you pedal. The faster you pedal, the more power the engine will provide. You can essentially think of the bike’s pedal as pressing on the gas. Pedal-assist e-bikes provide an experience similar to riding a classic bicycle, but with more power, with less effort.

Throttle-based e-bikes, on the other hand, are more comparable to electric scooters, in the sense that they don’t require any peddling to move forward. You can simply turn the bike on for power. These e-bikes are generally more simple in terms of design.

Electric Bike Reviews 2023: The 5 Best eBikes in Canada

We’ve analyzed dozens of e-bikes on the market to provide you with a list of the best models. Here they are:

GoTrax EBE2 26″ Electric Bike

The GoTrax EBE2 e-bike is one of the best budget-friendly electric bikes in Canada. With a pedal assist range of 80 km and a top speed of 32 km/h, the EBE2 is perfect for cruising or for daily commutes. It has 21 speeds to choose from and an LCD display that will let you know your speed, mileage, battery life, and more.

With a 350-watt motor and 36V battery, the GoTrax EBE2 is powerful yet efficient. It has a decent range of 80 km using pedal assist. Without pedal assist, the bike still has a decent range of about 32 km. Charging the battery takes just 4 to 6 hours. The battery can easily be removed when needed.

In terms of size, the bike is only about 41″ tall, from the ground to its tallest point. That said, the EBE2 is not suitable for anyone shorter than 5’2 or taller than 5’9.

The EBE2 has front and rear disk brakes and a convenient headlight for late-night rides. The headlight can be controlled using its digital display. It weighs 48 lbs and has a weight capacity of 265 lbs.

GoTrax has a few e-bikes in their EBE Series, ranging from EBE1 to EBE8. While it’s more expensive, the EBE8 offers the best range.

Why we like it

  • Has an 80 km pedal assist range
  • Powerful with a top speed of 32 km/h
  • Battery charges quickly (4 to 6 hours)
  • 21-speed gears to choose from

What can be improved

  • Not suitable for taller people (over 5’9)

Gosen S5 Electric Folding Fat Bike

If speed and battery range are important to you, the Gosen S5 is a folding e-bike worth considering. With a top speed of over 50 km/h and an impressive 112 km range, the S5 boasts one of the highest speeds and ranges on the market. With a second passenger seat in the back, it’s essentially a 2-person e-bike.

With an 80 Nm torque and 750-watt motor, the bike can effortlessly climb up hills with a 25° incline. It’s also a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to its suspension and its 4″ fat tires. In addition to front fork suspension, the bike has suspension under its seat. This means you can tackle bumps with little shock felt.

The S5 has 3 modes to choose from: Pas mode (pedal assist), pure electric mode, and bike mode (completely manual). Modes are easy to change using the LED display.

With a weight capacity of 330 lbs, the S5 boasts one of the highest weight capacities. It’s also suitable for taller people up to 6’3. Since it has a rear passenger seat, the bike can fit two adults or teens, provided that the max load capacity is not exceeded.

As a folding e-bike, the S5 is easy to store and transport. When not in use, the S5 can conveniently be folded and put away. It weighs 66 lbs, however, which is over 20 lbs heavier than the GoTrax EBE1.

Why we like it

  • Impressive top speed of 50 km/h
  • Excellent pedal-assist range of 112 km
  • 7-speed gears to choose from
  • Can fit two people with a max weight capacity of 330 lbs

What can be improved

  • Heavy, weighing 66 lbs

Shengmilo MX02S 26″ Electric Fat Bike

At 1000W, the Shengmilo MX02S is one of the most powerful electric fat bikes out there. Its 4″ thick tires allow you to ride on all types of terrain, including snow, rocky off-road trails, and sandy beaches. Using pedal assist mode, the MX02S can take you up to 100 km on a full charge.

In addition to its excellent battery range, the MX02S also has a decent top speed of 40 km/h. With a torque of 90 Nm, this electric fat bike is powerful enough to climb mountains with a 35° incline. With bright LED headlights and brake lights, it’s already equipped for night riding.

It has front suspension to help absorb shocks and provide you with a smooth side. What’s also great about the MX02S is its reliable dual hydraulic disc brakes and 7-speed Shimano gears.

The bike has 3 modes to choose from: Help mode which is basically pedal-assist, Electricity mode which is purely electric with no pedalling required, or Ride mode which is basically like a standard bicycle. In pure electric mode, the MX02S has a 60 km range.

Overall, Shengmilo’s electric fat bike is one of the best electric bikes for winter in Canada. However, it’s important to acknowledge that its battery life will be shorter in sub-zero temperatures.

Why we like it

  • Excellent pedal-assist range of 100 km
  • Powerful with a top speed of 32 km/h
  • 7-speed gears to choose from
  • Excellent shock absorption

What can be improved

  • Takes up to 8 hours to charge
  • Heavy, weighing over 70 lbs

TESGO Runner Electric Bike

With a carbon fiber frame, the TESGO Runner e-bike is one of the most lightweight e-bikes on the market. Combined with a 750-watt engine and 48W battery, it also has one of the best battery ranges out there . This makes it an excellent e-bike for long commutes with some hills.

The Runner has a removable 48V lithium battery that allows you to ride up to 128 km on a full charge. This is significantly more than most e-bikes on the market. You can also reach a maximum speed of 32 km/h. Since it’s a lightweight e-bike, you can enjoy riding this bike even when its battery is dead.

While it’s powerful and lightweight, the Runner is not particularly suitable for steep hills or bumpy terrains. It lacks suspension and has only a 55 Nm torque. This makes it suitable for hills with a 20° incline, but we wouldn’t recommend it for mountain biking adventures.

Compared to most e-bikes, the Runner has a more advanced LCD display. The colour display lets you access useful information such as speed, battery life, distance traveled, and even the current weather.

Why we like it

  • Excellent pedal-assist range of 128 km
  • Powerful with a top speed of 32 km/h
  • 7-speed gears to choose from
  • Lightweight at just 39.7 lbs

What can be improved

  • Not ideal for bumpy terrains (no suspension)

GoTrax EBE1 16″ Foldable Electric Bike

The GoTrax EBE1 Folding e-Bike is another electric bike worth mentioning. The convenience of an e-bike combined with the portability of a folding bike is something hard to beat. Costing under $1000, it’s also amongst the most affordable e-bikes on the market.

Similar to the EBE2 model, the EBE1 has a 350W motor, which is powerful considering the size of the bike.  Its 36V battery lets you travel up to 72 km in pedal assist mode on a full charge. In pure electric mode, the battery has a range closer to 40 km.

In terms of size, the bike is 48″ tall from the ground to its tallest point (handlebars). From the ground to the seat, it’s about 41″. It has small 16″ tires, which are not the most stable on rougher terrains or downhill. The EBE1 is suitable for people measuring between 5’2 and 6’2 in height. It has a weight capacity of 264 lbs.

The main advantage of the EBE1 is its portability. The bike can be folded for easy transportation and storage. When folded, the bike measures 28.7 inches by 25.6 inches. However, since it weighs about 45 lbs, it’s lightweight but not convenient to walk around with.

Similar to the EBE2, the e-bike has a built-in LCD display that shows your speed, mileage, and battery life, while also letting you control the headlight.

Why we like it

  • Has a 72 km pedal assist range
  • Convenient to transport and store
  • Suitable for people up to 6’2
  • Battery charges quickly in 5.5 hours

What can be improved

  • Small tires are not as versatile
  • Limited by only 1-speed gear

What Are The Benefits of e-Bikes?

Many advantages come with owning an electric bike. Here is a list of the main reasons why you should consider an e-bike as a mode of transportation.

Less Effort Than Riding a Bicycle

While the benefits of cardio are unquestionable, breaking a sweat on your daily commute isn’t always ideal. This is why e-bikes are great. An e-bike gets you from point A to B with greater speed and significantly less effort required.

For that reason, ebikes are a convenient mode of transportation, regardless of hot weather or hills. If exercising daily is on your agenda, but you don’t want to break a sweat on your way to work, e-bikes are great since you’re still getting a bit of exercise.

More Convenient Than A Car in Most Cities

An e-bike is a convenient way to arrive at your destination without unexpected delays. For relatively short distances, an electric bike can even be faster than a car, for two reasons:

Firstly, you can avoid traffic that you would otherwise experience with your car. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about looking for parking. You can simply lock your e-bike up just like you would a bicycle, or fold it and take it with you if it’s foldable.

More Eco-Friendly Than Driving

Using an electric bike as a means of transportation has several positive impacts on the environment. By riding an e-bike instead of a car, you are relying on electricity instead of fuel. While electricity still has an environmental impact, it’s much smaller than fuel.

Also, the more people use alternative transport, the less traffic there is on the roads. Traffic is known to increase vehicle emissions. Lastly, since e-bikes are lightweight, they cause significantly less damage to roads than cars. Construction is an underrated pollutant.

It’s a Fun Leisurely Activity

A big advantage of electric bikes that shouldn’t be underestimated is that it’s a fun activity. With an e-bike, you can reap the pleasures of a standard bicycle, but with less effort required. You can therefore enjoy the scenery while feeling more relaxed, or go longer distances without having to break a sweat. For that reason, e-bike rentals are increasingly popular among eager tourists.

How To Choose The Best eBike

There are many electric bikes on the market in Canada, so it’s important to do your research before committing to one. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an e-bike for your needs.

Type of e-Bike

There are many types of e-bikes on the market: fat e-bikes, folding e-bikes, mountain e-bikes, road e-bikes, and hybrid e-bikes. The right type of e-bike will ultimately depend on where you’re using it. If you need an e-bike for commuting, we recommend a road bike or a folding bike with an appropriate max speed and range for your needs.

If you plan on riding on rough terrains, we recommend an e-bike with excellent suspension and maybe even fat tires. An e-bike for mountain biking should have decent torque as well (at least 70 Nm).


With many types of electric bikes on the market, motor power can vary significantly. The most popular (and affordable) e-bikes will have engine power ranging from 250 to 1000 watts.

In general, e-bikes under 500W are only powerful enough for riding on flat surfaces. If you want to accelerate fast and ride effortlessly up hills, you’ll need an e-bike with a wattage of at least 500.

Battery Life/Range

The battery life of an e-bike is critical to consider. This is especially true if you’ll be using your e-bike for daily commuting. Generally speaking, e-bikes with the highest battery ranges will be the ones with the least powerful motors.

Most brands will advertise two ranges, depending on whether the bike is in pedal-assist mode or fully electric mode. In pedal assist mode, an e-bike has the highest battery range. However, it’s important to acknowledge that battery range depends on many factors, including the weight of its rider and the terrain.

Extended battery life is always preferred, but will always come at a higher price. We recommend storing your e-bike’s battery indoors to help prolong its lifespan.


The price of an electric bike can vary between $1,000 and $5,000. While high-end e-bikes can be quite expensive to buy, price is generally a good indicator of quality. More affordable e-bikes will get you from point A to point B, but might need to be charged more often. They also tend to be heavier and have lower max speeds than pricier models.

At the end of the day, it’s important to look at the e-bike’s specs (power, battery life, quality of its components, etc), and not just its price.

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