Best 5 Cordless Electric Screwdrivers in Canada in 2024

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If you’ve bought furniture from Ikea before, you’ve probably wished you had an electric screwdriver. Not only does an electric screwdriver facilitate assembling furniture, but it also facilitates disassembling it. In fact, there is nothing more labour-intensive than deconstructing furniture. 

Electric screwdrivers are useful power tools for getting jobs done easier and more efficiently around the house. Compared to a manual screwdriver, an electric screwdriver allows you to work more efficiently with greater torque and significantly less effort required on your behalf. 

Most drills double as electric screwdrivers, however, electric drills tend to be heavier and even too powerful for most household applications. 

Keep reading to learn more about electric screwdrivers. We’ll also highlight the best cordless screwdrivers on the market in Canada this year.

What is the use of electric screwdriver?

Electric screwdrivers serve two main purposes: to drive screws and to remove screws. Since they are powered by an electric engine, not much physical effort is required, making them efficient to work with. 

That said, electric screwdrivers can be useful for many household applications, including removing cabinet doors, assembling or disassembling furniture, installing shelves, or hanging up photo frames. Electric screwdrivers are especially useful for driving screws into wood that is prone to splitting, such as lacquered wood.

The 5 Best Cordless Electric Screwdrivers in Canada in 2024

There are many cordless electric screwdrivers on the market to choose from. Here are the top cordless models for this year and why we like them:

DEWALT MAX Gyroscopic Cordless Screwdriver Kit

If you want to invest in a powerful and precise electric screwdriver for tradesmen, the Dewalt Max is for you. What’s unique about it is that it uses gyroscopic technology to control speed and screwing direction. This means screwing direction and speed changes based on your wrist motions. 

Compared to other electric screwdrivers, this one offers the most precision in terms of driving speed and torque. The screwdriver is powerful enough for screwing into wood, plastic, and even light gauge metal. It has a built-in LED light to help brighten up dark spaces. 

The Dewalt has a built-in battery level indicator, so you can always know when it’s time to charge. It also has a bright LED light that surrounds the bit to help illuminate dark spaces. 

Weighing just 1.1 lbs, the Dewalt MAX is lightweight and easy to grip. Depending on your project needs, the screwdriver’s angle can be positioned inline or in standard pistol-grip mode.

It comes with 2 8V Max Compact lithium batteries that can be recharged on the provided charging port in just 1 hour. It also comes with a carrying case for easy transportation and storage. 

While it doesn’t come with any bits, its ¼-inch hex is universally compatible with 1-inch bit tips. Its speed options are very precise, ranging from 0 to 430 rpm.  You can also control maximum screw pressure. Its precision makes it a great choice for fastening delicate pieces.

What we like

  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Lets you control speed and torque with precision
  • Comes with two 8V lithium-ion batteries
  • A full charge takes less than 1 hour

What we like less

  • Bigger learning curve required
  • Low peak torque is best for light-duty applications

BOSCH IXO Colour Edition Electric Screwdriver 

Bosch is widely known for making quality drills, and their IXO electric screwdriver is no exception. While it’s not the most powerful electric screwdriver on the market, it’s perfect for basic household jobs like minor repairs or assembling new furniture.

Weighing just 340 g, the Bosch IXO is small and lightweight, which makes it convenient for working in small spaces. 

What’s great about the IXO is that its rotation speed can be controlled using variable speed control. This means the harder you press down on the trigger, the faster or more forceful the screwing. 

Like most cordless screwdrivers, it has a built-in LED light to illuminate the space as you work. The light automatically goes on when you pull the trigger. It also has 3 LED lights to indicate battery level, and it can conveniently be charged using any USB port available. It comes with a sleek carrying case and 10 universal bits to get you started right away. 

The main downside with the IXO is that, at just 3.6 volts, you will have to charge it more often if you’re using it regularly. Nonetheless, if you need a lightweight electric screwdriver for minor household jobs, the Bosch IXO is a great choice. 

What we like

  • Uses variable speed control
  • Comes with 10 screwdriver bits & carrying case
  • Compact and very lightweight  
  • Can be easily charged using any USB charger

What we like less

  • Battery has to be charged more often
  • Not the most powerful screwdriver

WORX SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver with Screw Holder

The WORX SD is one of our favourites because it has a convenient built-in screw holder. This allows you to work single-handedly, without having to worry about holding the screw in place. It also has a reloadable cartridge that can store up to 6 bits at a time. Bits can easily be swapped out by a rotating mechanism. You can simply keep rotating until you reach the bit needed.

Weighing 1.5 lbs, it isn’t the lightest electric screwdriver on this list, however, it’s still lightweight. It’s also relatively small, which makes it useful for reaching tight spaces. The bit cartridge accepts any standard 1/4-inch hex screwdriver bit.

The main downside with the WORX SD is that screw speed cannot be adjusted. This means you might be limited in terms of where and how you can use the screwdriver. However, if you’re looking for a basic electric screwdriver for minor household jobs or DIY projects, you’ll be satisfied. 

The screwdriver is powered by a 4V MAX lithium-ion battery that can hold its charge for several months, depending on usage. It has a built-in LED job light that isn’t the brightest, but it’s better than no light at all. We just wouldn’t recommend the screwdriver for working in very dark spaces. 

What we like

  • Battery life of up to 18 months 
  • Built-in LED light for better visibility 
  • Screw-holding attachment for hands-free work

What we like less

  • Built-in light isn’t very bright
  • Cannot control screw speed

Makita DF001DW Hex Screwdriver Kit

If you’re looking for an affordable electric screwdriver kit that comes with everything you need, the Makita DF001DW is for you. The kit includes an electric screwdriver, charger, and a collection of 81-piece hex screwdriver bits. All in a compact carrying case.

Weighing less than a pound, the Makita is extra lightweight and easy to manuever. Its handle can be adjusted to be used completely horizontally or in a standard pistol grip. It’s also completely reversible, which can be convenient in certain situations. 

The Makita has a built-in 3.6V 1.5Ah battery that takes just 15 minutes to charge. If you want more voltage, the battery can be interchanged with any other Makita lithium-ion battery. It has a built-in job light that can be switched on and off. We appreciate that, contrary to most electric screwdrivers, the light can be switched on prior to pressing the trigger.  

Overall, the DF001DW is another budget-friendly electric screwdriver for doing small jobs around the house. It’s perfect for assembling furniture or even more delicate jobs since rotation speed can be adjusted. 

What we like

  • Comes with 81 screwdriver bits & compact carrying case
  • Battery takes 15 minutes to charge
  • Small and very lightweight

What we like less

  • No battery level indicator

BLACK+DECKER MAX Cordless Screwdriver with LED Light

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly electric screwdriver for minor jobs around the house, the Black+Decker MAX is an excellent choice. As a more basic electric screwdriver, it has a single rotation speed of 180 rpm. This is slow enough for delicate jobs, but we wouldn’t recommend it for major home improvement projects. 

The MAX’s handle can be adjusted to 3 different positions, including completely horizontal, which makes it convenient for reaching awkward spaces. The screwdriver weighs 1.3 lbs and is comfortable to grip and maneuver. 

While most electric screwdrivers have a built-in light, the MAX literally doubles as a flashlight. That said, the built-in flashlight adds some bulk to the screwdriver that we don’t think is totally necessary.

The MAX uses a 4V lithium-ion battery, which is not the best but is more than enough for occasional use. A downside is that it doesn’t have any battery-level indicators. The screwdriver comes with 2 bits to help get you started right away. 

What we like

  • Very affordable
  • Handle can be adjusted to 3 different angles 
  • Comes with 2 screwdriver bits

What we like less

  • No battery level indicator lights 
  • Cannot adjust rotation speed

What’s The Difference Between an Electric Screwdriver And a Drill?

Electric screwdrivers are often confused with drills. It’s no surprise since they are similar in design and can often both technically be used to install screws. Most drills can also double as an electric screwdriver, but there are many benefits to using an electric screwdriver. Here are some key distinctions between the two power tools:

While a drill can be used to drive screws, it’s primarily designed to drill holes. For that reason, a drill will have a more powerful motor. This level of power is typically not necessary for installing or uninstalling a screw. For that reason, an electric screwdriver is a better choice when it comes to working with softer wood. There is nothing more frustrating than sinking in the head of your screw and having to restart. 

Electric screwdrivers also tend to be much smaller and more lightweight than electric drills. This makes them more convenient for repetitive screwing jobs or when working in tight spaces. 

What Power is Needed For an Electric Screwdriver?

When it comes to power, the unit to look out for depends on if it’s a corded electric screwdriver or a cordless electric screwdriver. 

For corded screwdrivers, you will want to look at their wattage. You can generally expect a range of 450 to 705 watts from a corded screwdriver. The higher the watts, the greater the screwdriver’s power and torque. 

For cordless screwdrivers, it’s the product’s voltage that matters. You can expect to see a range of 3.6 to 18 volts (V). Most household cordless screwdrivers will range from 4 to 8 volts. Models with higher voltage will provide you with a longer battery life. 

How to Choose The Best Electric Screwdriver

There are a few factors to consider when choosing an electric screwdriver for your home hardware needs. Here are some factors worth considering: 

Drilling Speed & Power 

The whole point of an electric screwdriver is to work better and faster, however, in certain cases, you will want to be able to control the speed. Most electric screwdrivers will have a trigger that allows you to control the speed. In terms of power, most cordless electric screwdrivers range from 450 to 705 watts. A higher wattage indicates greater drilling power. 

Drilling Speed & Power 

Most cordless electric screwdrivers will have a lithium-ion battery ranging from 3.6 to 7 volts. The higher the voltage, the more power and torque you can expect from the screwdriver. A higher-volt battery will also have a longer battery life.  A feature we like to look out for in electric screwdrivers is a battery level indicator, such as colour-coded LED lights. Without this, it’s difficult to know when your screwdriver is low battery or is finished charging. 

Design & Ergonomics

If you’ll be using the electric screwdriver regularly, ergonomics is something that you’ll want to consider. Is the device designed for comfortable ongoing use? Is it lightweight enough to avoid premature muscle fatigue? If you’ll be using the screwdriver regularly, a screwdriver that is lightweight and comfortable to grip is ideal. 

The Benefits of Buying a Cordless Screwdriver

Cordless electric screwdrivers offer many benefits in terms of speed and convenience. Since they are powered by electricity, they work more quickly and efficiently and provide more torque than what is humanly possible. This makes them convenient tools for jobs that require installing or removing dozens of screws. They will often have a built-in light that makes them even more convenient. This also makes them a convenient choice for anyone with reduced physical capacity.

  • Less physical effort required
  • More convenient to use
  • More speed and power are possible
  • Usually have built-in flashlights