Affiliate Policy

At Product Guide, we are committed to providing honest and transparent product recommendations to our readers.

To support our work, we use affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of these links.

However, this in no way influences our ratings or recommendations.

Our priority is to offer you accurate and reliable information.

The products we recommend are carefully selected by our team of experts, defining the affiliate agreements we have in advance with the merchants.

We update our content regularly to ensure that the information provided is current and relevant.

What Are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are tools that allow us to earn a commission when you make a purchase through these links.

However, this doesn’t mean you pay more.

In reality, it just helps us fund our site and continue to offer you quality content at no cost.

Affiliate Programs & Their Relevance

At, we do not take the selection of our affiliate programs lightly.

Each product we recommend has been carefully reviewed and has met our criteria for quality and suitability.

Our philosophy is clear: if a product is recommended, it is because it has passed our rigorous selection process, ensuring that our recommendations are always in your best interest.

Commitment to Providing Honest Reviews

We pride ourselves on our journalistic ethics and editorial independence.

Our teams of editors are committed to providing unbiased, honest reviews based on in-depth research.

It is essential for us to point out that although we may earn a commission on purchases made through our affiliate links, this never affects our recommendations or the price you pay. Our priority always remains to provide you with accurate and reliable information.

We Respect Your Privacy

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us.

The use of affiliate links does not affect your personal data in any way.

We have implemented strict measures to ensure the security of your information.

For a detailed understanding of our practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Clear Location of Disclosure

Transparency is key.

This is why we have made the decision to place our affiliation disclosure statement at the top of each article, ensuring its visibility and ease of access for our readers.

Consistent Tone & Language

Just like the rest of our content, our affiliate disclosure is written in simple, clear and straightforward language, reflecting our commitment to making information accessible to everyone, without jargon or unnecessary complexity.

Have Any Questions?

We value open communication.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our use of affiliate links or any other aspect of our site, we encourage you to contact us through our contact page.