About us

How It All Started

Based in Montreal, we’re a small but passionate team of writers and online shopping enthusiasts. Frustrated by the lack of reliable and objective product information available to Canadian and French-Canadian consumers, we realized that many consumers were facing the same dilemma. We decided to change that with the birth of Produits Maison in 2020, followed by its English counterpart, Product Guide, shortly after.

At Product Guide, our aim is to streamline online shopping for Canadians, whether they’re shopping for kitchen appliances or home renovation tools. We believe Canadian shoppers should have an easy way to determine which products are worth buying and for what reasons.

Our Mission

At Product Guide, our mission is straightforward: to empower Canadians to make well-informed online purchases. We firmly believe that every buying journey should be a positive one, grounded in reliable information that enables informed decisions. Our commitment lies in delivering honest product reviews, product comparisons, and in-depth buying guides, all tailored the distinctive requirements of Canadians.